Who We Are

Playing the role of storyteller, filmmaker, confidante and production company is quite a balancing act, but it’s, well, what we do best.

We have been told repeatedly that we are not only a pleasure to work with, but also harder-working than almost anyone, finishing projects on time and within budget, all without compromising creative integrity. Many of our films have been nationally recognized.

What we do

What, you ask? Everything from original concept to post production.

We at Out of the Blue Productions make exceptional films, videos, and commercials, among other projects. And we’ve been at it for over 20 years (so we must like it). Our niche is healthcare, though we’ve done considerable work for other industries.

Storytelling is at the heart of our work and its success. It’s our passion—whether the piece is testimonial or dramatic. It keeps our work honest, fresh and exciting.

What our clients think

Our clients keep coming back to Out of the Blue. We believe it’s because they not only trust our talent and respect our ability to get things done quickly, smoothly, and within budget, but also know that, at the end of the day, we’re as obsessively, compulsively passionate about the quality of the final product as they are.

But hey, don’t take it from us… check out our client testimonials!

Our Team

Ron Cohen Director, Storyteller, Mensch

Ron Cohen

Favorite Movie


Favorite Diner Food

Braised Short Ribs

Favorite Hike

The Kalalau Trail, along the Napali Coast in Kauai, Hawaii

Ron started OOTB to have the freedom to tell his clients’ stories the way he wanted. His flair for impactful storytelling has insured a steady, loyal client base.

Ron has worked for agencies, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare systems, both regional and national. While consistently balancing the practical with the creative, he considers all logistical demands along the way to deliver award-winning films, shows, commercials and videos with powerful, entertaining messages.

Ron is a natural when it comes to storytelling. He has the uncanny ability to see life and film from every angle. You can see how Ron connects with people of all ages and walks of life; he can put anyone at ease, on camera or off. But he’s not just a people person—when it comes to technological breakthroughs and medical machinery, he really gets it. This makes him as varied as his clients.

From heart-wrenching stories to in-your-face hi-tech show pieces, Ron brings his unquenchable thirst for an honest, fresh approach to each and every project.

Vikki Smith Executive Producer, Wine Enthusiast

Vikki Smith

Favorite Book (of many)

American Pastoral

Favorite Movie (of many)


Favorite Wine

Red. And white.

Vikki’s varied professional life has taken her all over the country, from line producer to agency producer, and finally executive producer at Out of the Blue Productions.

She is the quintessential example of the left and right brain working in concert to complement each other. You will find a rare combination of incredibly efficient, astute creativity in Vikki. She gets into a client’s head and stays on task to make sure the story being told remains focused. She approaches every job, no matter how big or small, with equal dedication.

While meeting budgetary requirements and deadlines, Vikki consistently contributes to the creative process with the professional proximity necessary for successful results, insuring all of the clients’ needs and objectives are being met from the initial meetings to the finished project.

Vikki considers it her job to make every client feel like they are her number one priority. When you work with her, you can feel your stress level go down as your production values go up.

Dexter Gresh Editor, Blues Harmonica Player

Dexter Gresh

Favorite Movie

Pulp Fiction

Favorite Food


Cool. Calm. Collector of new skills and fresh images. An Emmy award-winning editor, Dexter’s cut everything from reality TV shows and long form to TV spots and interactive videos. He is an editor’s editor, finding the best of your footage and creating from it a unique rhythm and flow for each piece, from music to graphics. He’s no-nonsense, with a great attitude throughout.

Dexter remains on the cutting edge of technology (pun intended). He is also an accomplished director, bringing the seasoned eye of an editorial veteran to complex productions.

And on the weekends, don’t be surprised to see Dexter tearing it up on the harmonica in the local Philly Blues scene.

Lorraine Best Production Coordinator, Explorer

Lorraine Best

Favorite Movie (of many)

The Muppets Christmas Carol

Favorite Musical

Into the Woods (stage not screen)

We’ll stop you before you can say it: our production coordinator is the Best.

Growing up as a triplet with a last name to live up to fostered a competitive drive in Lorraine that has translated into her work at Out of the Blue. She wears a different hat every day at work- coordinating production, post, staff, clients, schedules, and projects- and juggles these responsibilities with skill and enthusiasm. No matter what you may need, Lorraine can help you out.

A serial organizer, Lorraine excels at making sure that everyone on a project stays on the same page. She enjoys meeting new crew and clients and her friendly attitude and desire to collaborate help keep open important lines of communication. With an eye for detail and a passion for her craft, Lorraine will make sure your project runs smoothly so you can achieve your creative vision.


Joel Schwartzberg Direct of Photography, Black Truffle Lover

Joel Schwartzberg

Favorite Food

Anything with Black truffle oil on it

Joel is one of OOTB’s top picks for DP.  He can often be found on an Out of the Blue shoot lining up the next shot, as well as helping keep our interview subjects at ease. Ask him about the Grasshopper joke; it’s an easy crowd pleaser.

He has a tremendous eye and knack for capturing the most interesting angle in any location, and makes our subjects look terrific with his natural lighting.

Joel has traveled around the world on a number of award-winning documentaries and long form programs.  His work can be found on many national networks, including Discovery Channel and Nat Geo.  He must have a third eye; he can grab the best B-roll shots and still have an eye for the next angle, adding humor and grace throughout a long day.

Richard Laverick technologist, future space traveler

Richard Laverick

favorite entertainer

david bowie

favorite building

Burj Khalifa in Dubai

favorite drink

dirty martini

Trained as an electrical engineer, Rich lives his credo of “iterative thinking” –  thinking through things several steps to always be one step ahead. His passion for all things space and digital leads to great discoveries for our group, and helps keep us able to handle anything new.

Rich is a problem solver with a track record of bold solutions and remarkable success. But he’s also the guy who helped corral our recent 3D stereoscopic program on a huge projected screen, knocked out a variety of web-based videos, and everything in between. When not helping on the tech side, Rich wanted everyone to know that he is ready and willing to go to space in a moment’s notice!

Bill Burke Director of Photography, coffee enthusiast

Bill Burke

Favorite Activity (outside of the industry)

Early morning runs followed by strong coffee

Known for his energy and ability to work calmly under pressure, Bill enjoys the challenge of finding the right composition and lighting each setup to capture its best look. With a collaborative work style, client-centered approach, and dry sense of humor, Bill is a valuable team member.

More recent clients include ABC, Bank of New York, CBS, Deloitte, Nutrisystem, and a variety of financial and healthcare networks, among others. Bill loves his digital “toys.”   He is always on the lookout for the next best technology to capture his images.