Temple University Hospital Gala

Posted May 12, 2017 in General

Anybody who’s worked on a video shoot knows that there is seldom a dress code for work that doesn’t involve cargo shorts and a baseball cap. But sometimes, a day rolls around that involves a little more panache. For the second time in two weeks, we pulled out our black ties and dusted off our gowns to attend the Temple University Hospital Gala.


This event was a very exciting for a whole host of reasons. The first was that this event was celebrating Temple Hospitals 125th anniversary. From its founding in 1892 as the Samaritan Hospital, the hospital system has worked tirelessly to provide excellent care for all, regardless of nationality, race, or ability to pay.


The second reason we were excited about the gala was that the entertainment was headlined by none other than Patti LaBelle. The Special Pledge this year was to raise money for the Women and Infants Division at Temple, and, having given birth at Temple Hospital, Ms. LaBelle was the perfect person to help move the audience.

The third reason we were excited to attend the gala was that OOTB produced the award videos for the gala ceremony. Out of the Blue is proud to have a long history of working with Temple Health (over twenty years!) and it is always a joy to see the videos in action. We helped kick off the night with a video about the 125th anniversary. After the celebration of the legacy of Temple, we created a video to honor one of the people who has helped the university become what it is today: Dr. Dick Englert, the current president of the university. Lastly, we created the video for the Temple Women and Infants Division’s special pledge. The video aired just before the pledge “auction”, which ended up raising $400k!


While we do love our long days on set, working hard on a shoot, decked out with walkie talkies and gaff tape hanging off our hips, you must say—we DO clean up pretty good sometimes.



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