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Staying Light on our Feet

Posted Jul 25, 2017 in Technology

We get these calls every now and then: “Hey, can you grab an interview with so and so, it’ll just take an hour!” or “So, we have a doctor who is ONLY in town for the day, can you grab him fast?”

Who doesn’t love to do the big shoots? The kind with a whole team of people, all out there getting the cool stuff. But there are times where you just have to be nimble and fast, and so we put together a nice simple package—Canon 5D Mk III, Zoom F5 audio recorder, and a couple mics. And now, to top it all off, some cool lights that are ridiculously light and simple, while still actually putting out some decent level! When our DP buddy Bill Burke mentioned he was looking at these Intellytech FL-80 light mats, we knew we had to see them for ourselves. We also picked up one of their Light Stix for good measure. If these new kits good enough for Bill, who always researches the dickens out of things, they are certainly good enough for us.

Lightweight, easy to set up, battery powered (or AC!), and flexible enough to bend into a corner…how COOL is that?

2017, and the lighting is EASY!!

Now, when is someone going to come up with that notch filter to take out air conditioner noises?


3D and Beyond

Posted Dec 4, 2013 in General, Technology

3D glasses

We love to try new and cutting edge projects at OOTB.  Cameras, graphics, media formats.    I’m fascinated by 3D – or stereoscopic video, to be more precise. It all seems simple enough. You just create two video streams of any scene from the vantage point of your left and right eyes.  But watch them played back together with special glasses and something truly magically happens. Your video monitor transforms into this wonderous illusion of depth both in and out of the screen. It’s really fun and immersive, especially with 3D sound (mostly 5 channel surround sound).

At Out of the Blue, we had a chance to help a client grab trade-show eyeballs with a 3D stereoscopic 10 minute product video projected onto a 14 foot screen.  Our response? “Cool!”  I’ve played around with 3D cameras my whole life and I’ve never lost that boyish “wow” every time I watch it.  You capture so much more information in a scene.

Tim Bob

For client reviews, we developed a simple work flow using emailed video segments encoded as “anaglyphs” sent along with  red and blue glasses so that clients could view and judge 3D videos from a link in their email.  When we needed more complete review, we scheduled meetings at our office which is equipped with full large screen HD view screens…full color and depth review! End result…happy clients and a memorable show for all.