Ron Cohen

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Ron started OOTB to have the freedom to tell his clients’ stories the way he wanted. His flair for impactful storytelling has insured a steady, loyal client base.

Ron has worked for agencies, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare systems, both regional and national. While consistently balancing the practical with the creative, he considers all logistical demands along the way to deliver award-winning films, shows, commercials and videos with powerful, entertaining messages.

Ron is a natural when it comes to storytelling. He has the uncanny ability to see life and film from every angle. You can see how Ron connects with people of all ages and walks of life; he can put anyone at ease, on camera or off. But he’s not just a people person—when it comes to technological breakthroughs and medical machinery, he really gets it. This makes him as varied as his clients.

From heart-wrenching stories to in-your-face hi-tech show pieces, Ron brings his unquenchable thirst for an honest, fresh approach to each and every project.

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