A break-through for Unisys

Posted Nov 19, 2013 in General, News, Our Work

Out of the Blue Productions shoot for a intro video for Forward!Internationally recognized for their innovation and contributions to the IT world, Unisys has been developing break-through technologies for over a century. So it was especially exciting for OOTB to work with Unisys on their introduction of Forward! – a Stealth Solution software created to revolutionize the world of big data processing.

As we combed through page after page of technical jargon (say “advanced secure partitioning technology and multi datacenter fabric infrastructure” 5x fast), we realized that our main task was conveying just how much of a game-changer Forward! really is. Thus began OOTB’s crash-course in mission-critical network communication and military-grade data security.


The result? A 3-minute introductory video that truly captures how the top-thinkers over at Unisys are raising the bar high above the cloud, and changing the way critical data is delivered, processed, and stored. Through green screen and advanced graphics, OOTB found a way to fully encapsulate what makes Forward! so exciting, in a way even us “video guys” can understand.

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